Web Encryption Extension

The Web Encryption Extension is a piece of open source software that will provide the encrypt button for every web application that takes user input. Any online software that has no encryption button can be extended to provide an easy to use mechanism to encrypt your text input. You will not have to install any additional software on your own computer, because the encryption is done with the standard tool GPG on the server for you. The Web Encryption Extension (WEE) has been released under a GPL license to make sure that as many web applications as possible can use it to provide easy accesible encryption to their users.

The first version 1.0.7 had been released on 19th December 2011.

The latest release, version 3.0, has been released on Thursday, 24th July 2014. This version is a major security release, please read the security advisory and upgrade to this latest version of WEE.

All files are digitally signed.
For guides how to configure online applications with the Web Encryption Extension see the documentation section.

File Description Size Fingerprint
wee-3.0.tar Archive of the Web Encryption Extension
(this archive contains all other files)
153600 Bytes md5
wee-encrypt.php Encryption program for online input 19376 Bytes md5
wee-decrypt.php Decryption program for online input 19495 Bytes md5
wee-sign.php Signature creation 14639 Bytes md5
wee-verify.php Signature verification 12245 Bytes md5
wee-keys.php Key management program 14973 Bytes md5
wee-export.php Key block export program 5142 Bytes md5
gpgconfig.php Basic configuration file 7995 Bytes md5
gpgstyle.css Configurable style sheet 2945 Bytes
wee-auth.php Authentication for WEE programs 304 Bytes
form.php demonstration form 1521 Bytes
send.php demonstration form 1246 Bytes

Web Applications
Using The Web Encryption Extension

Application Direct Download Information
WEE for ownCloud tarball (368640 Bytes) Installation Tutorial
Encryption For Your ownCloud
WEE PHPMyAdmin tarball (358400 Bytes) Installation Tutorial
You Won't Find The Key Under The Doormat
Secure Contact Form tarball (61440 Bytes) Installation Tutorial
A Re-Invention of the Contact Form
WEE Roundcube tarball (1822720 Bytes) Installation Tutorial
Upgrade Your Webmail With Encryption
WEE Atmail Open tarball (163840 Bytes) Installation Tutorial
Upgrade Your Webmail With Encryption
WEE VTiger CRM tarball (245760 Bytes) Installation Tutorial
Upgrade Your Webmail With Encryption


Secure Boot For Linux - Done Right

I've developed a secureboot Linux package that basically makes an encrypted container available during the boot process, so that confidential user data can be locked inside this container in one big encrypted file. This package is available as RPM for RedHat-like Linux systems and as a DEB package for all the others as well.

There is a comprehensive tutorial about secure boot for Linux.

File Description Size Fingerprint
secureboot-2.0-1.noarch.rpm Secureboot 2.0 for Fedora, RedHat, Suse and other rpm-based Linux distributions 2079392 Bytes sha1
secureboot-2.0-1.src.rpm Secureboot 2.0 source for rpm-based Linux distributions 2078366 Bytes sha1
secureboot_2.0-1_all.deb Secureboot 2.0 for Ubuntu and other debian-based Linux distributions 2079056 Bytes sha1
secureboot-2.0-1.tar.gz Secureboot 2.0 source tarball to be installed into / 2074664 Bytes sha1